London Rock Club

"I am teaching workshops through PLAY and adding my personal touch with concepts of self-love, so that children are left with the belief that they can achieve anything in this world."

About Teodora

Teodora first encountered crystals following a call to connect with a healer on Ibiza. And that was Jade.

A healing session that involved crystals and reiki was followed by coaching on self-love, trainings on healing with crystals, Flow Frequency, calibrating frequencies, multiple calls and friendship. That is in brief the journey Teodora and Jade have been together on for the last 4 years.

We are very glad that Teodora agreed to run our club in London. She is a mother herself, and very much aligned with our mission to increase the consciousness levels of children.

Through self-practice, Teodora reached master level when it comes to tuning into the energy of crystals for managing emotions and holding a frequency. Self-love is an area she integrated vastly and is so keen to share with others. In 2022 only, Teodora engaged an audience of 3000+ through workshops and podcasts.

While based in London, Teodora will run the club wherever the path will take her and that includes music festivals, islands (with Ibiza very close to the heart), Transylvania (where she’s from) and more.

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London Rock Club is part of Rock Club World who are committed to empowering children by teaching them how they can use the incredible power of crystals to amplify their own unique healing abilities.

We combine this with showing children how their words, thoughts, and emotions create their experience of the world by directly affecting themselves and others.

Through this, it is our strong conviction that our children will make the future a better place in which to live.

If you'd like to learn more about London Rock Club events please check out their Instagram below or contact Teodora here.